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Easy Credit Auto Sales, Inc.
"Where your Job is your credit!"
At Easy Credit Auto Sales, we pride ourselves on offering superior quality
pre-owned vehicles to good people who might not have the ability to gain
financing through traditional lenders.

We offer special, in-house financing that isn't based on a credit "score".  
In fact, when we approve loans, we don't even obtain a credit "score"
with your report.  We look at your ability to pay for the vehicle.  If you
have a stable job history, verifiable (Kansas) residence, a valid driver's
license, and are at least 18 years of age, we can approve you today!

All of our vehicles come with a warranty, and we offer an extended
warranty for even more protection.  And unlike other warranties we hear
about from customers who have purchased elsewhere in the past, we
don't mark up the parts and labor so much that your "deductible" is more
than if you had just fixed it on your own!

Easy Credit Auto Sales, Inc. has been in business for over 15 years, with
thousands and thousands of satisfied customers all over the state.  If you
would like to see how easy it is to get the
transportation you need, be
treated with the
respect you deserve, and begin rebuilding your credit,
call us right now!